Saturday, November 15, 2008


I was just reading Diane and Jim's blog (it's linked on Glen's blog) and I was so happy to see that they'd had a successful trip to Yosemite...and I was a bit envious I must admit! It got me to thinking...I should tell you all about our trip to LA to see my family!

None of us have been down for way too long, so with the long weekend and all, it seemed like the right time. We picked up Blair from school on Friday (okay...a bit early), jumped in the car with Fred and were in LA by 7:00 pm. It was wonderful to share dinner with my whole family (well, most of the LA ones anyway). My sister Chris, made an old-time family favorite for dinner, Karen and Page opened their doors (again) to us all and we really just kicked back, relaxed and caught up. Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous fall LA day - just a hint of a Santa Ana wind, clear skies and such a fresh smell in the air. (They really have cleaned up the air there!) We hung out in Karen and Page's back yard most of the day. Fred became quite proficient at "fetch" with my dad and me. (That's something, because my dad really doesn't like dogs...but they love him!) After another evening of football on tv (that Cal/SC game) and a leisurely meal we headed to bed early in preparation for a run home on Sunday. And that was it! Quick. but worthwhile. And it's a good thing we went last weekend, because I hear that LA is not fairing too well this weekend!

So...Monday is Glen's next big day. We're not sure when he will get the results of his PET-CT scan. But you'll be the first to know when he does!

Enjoy the incredible weekend (at least it's amazing here!) We're getting ready to clean out the returns to "normal"...slowly, but surely!


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