Saturday, June 21, 2008

Initial Posting

I have never done this before, it is all new to me.

I will assume that those visiting my blog have recent history of my health. If you do not, please go to the section below under HISTORY.

I have centered my path to wellness around three central hubs as follows -

Medical - UCSF - Dr. Sarita Dubey
Mental Health - Dr. Katherine Czesak
Nutritional / Wholistic - Michael Defino

I thank those of you that have offered advice / referrals. Please know that I will take that advice to the three above and determine what treatment is best.

I have also created an inner circle that will be helping me make decisions as they come about. This group includes Joyce (my wife), Sue Edelmann, Jim Kelley and Jim Genhardt. If times become especially tough through treatment you can contact one of the them. I trust each of them more than they could know. I can't thank each of them enough for taking on this role, I would be lost with out them.

So where are we now? I will be getting a Contrast CT scan this next Friday (6/27) of my entire head and neck area. This will establish the baseline for my treatment. I will then meet with the oncology radiologist the following Monday (6/30) to prepare for radiation treatment. I will also be seeing a variety of other doctors / therapists to prepare for the ramifications of chemotherapy / radiation. I expecet the chemotherapy / radiation treatments to begin sometime during the week of July 7th.

In the interim, I am working to get my body as strong as possible. The crazy thing about all this is I have not felt better or stronger in quite some time. I am asymptomatic and that is the surreal part of all this. A very dangerous disease is growing inside of me while the rest of my body feels great. Go figure.

I will attempt to make postings as often as I am able.

Be well, and remember I HAVE CANCER, IT DOESN'T HAVE ME!


I noticed and abnormal lymph gland right around my 5oth brithday, April 24th. A week later I visited the doctor and he suggested (strongly) that I have an ultra-sound of my right neck. Those results came back unfavorable. So, we scheduled a removal of this abnormal lymph node on May 21st. On May 23rd I was told they found Squamous Carcinoma in my lymph node. I then had a PET CT Scan. They discovered the originating tumor is located in my throat (more later).

I then met with a series of doctors practicing in and around San Ramon Regional Medical Center. I also asked for and received another opinion from UCSF. The tumor boards theories of where the tumor originated and its possible cause differed. After much soul searching and support from many friends (more later), I asked Dr. Doubey at UCSF to treat me - she agreed.

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    joyce said...

    I love the blog idea. I think it will provide a place for you to record your experiences and thoughts and it will be a great resource for your friends and family. I am a proud member of your "wellness team" and look forward to getting you/us through this blip in our lives. I love you.