Monday, June 30, 2008


I am really ready to get started with treatment!

Since my last post I have seen a audiologist and had my contrast ct scan. Good news on the hearing front, I have very good hearing. Couldn't prove it from my family, but I guess there is a difference between hearing and listening. I had the contrast ct scan on Friday and the procedure went off without a glitch. I continue to be amazed by the massive web that is UCSF. They are a wonderful group of people and I am so blessed to have them on my team. I hope to have the results of the scan this week.

Joyce and I went to Mendocino this last weekend with our wonderful friends Kim and Barry Johnston. We did absolutely nothing other than a couple hour outing to walk around downtown Mendocino, but that was wonderful. It was nice to get away from the smoke in the East Bay. It was foggy all mweekend, but after all it is the California coast in June. We stayed at our friends house - Dave and Deanna Bing. What a fabulous house and what terrific friends they are for lettingt us use it.

Today I see the radiation oncologist. And frankly, I am not looking forward to it. I think mostly because I know this is the first step toward radiation treatment. I know we are all different and respond differently to radiation treatment, but this is the aspect of treatment that frieghtens me the most. Oh well, bite the upper lip and get through it.

I'll be back and post more later.


joyce said...

Mendo was really great. Just the what the doctor ordered...! Glen's radiation appointment today was very informative. More to come on that from him. He is now scheduling some more appointments - all with the intent of preparing him for the treatment that will eradicate the disease in him. But speaking of can't believe how healthy and lively he is...the surreal aspect of this whole 5ish weeks is that Glen has not looked or felt better for a long time -thanks to the wholistic approach he's taking to his path to "outstanding health." More to come...

Diane Fidelibus said...

Hi Glen, I'm not sure we have met, but I know your lovely wife. I have also been diagnosed with the same thing as you. I saw my radiation dr. today also. I had radiation 17 years ago for Hodgkins, it's fairly easy. It's good to hear you are feeling well, I am also. you would think we would feel bad. I would love to hear what your are doing to prepare for the treatment. If you ever are up for talking about it, please call me or email me. Thanks, Diane Fidelibus P.S. I'm going to Stanford on Thurs for a second opinion. Good luck to you and your family.

Larry Rafferty said...

Glen, I can understand why Dr. Yom finds you such a pleasure to work with. She needs access to you through your mouth -- and that is such an inviting portal. She can probably drive her MINI Cooper in there, if necessary.