Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Little Update Before the Scan

I thought I would take a minute to provide a brief update. As you all know I have an MRI on Monday (20th) followed by a meeting with my doctors on the 23rd. The UCSF Tumor Board meets on Wednesday mornings, thus the reason for the 3 day wait between the scan and the meet. I know it will be hard wait, but I do think I have acquired some patience through this process. Frankly, I find that my mind does not stray to far from the 20th/23rd. Thanks you for all your wonderful thoughts toward the scan. We will do our best to post the evening of the 23rd to let everyone know what we believe will be great news.

My life has started to return to me. I hestitate to use the world normal, as normal for me pre and post May 23, 2008 will likely share very little resenmblance to each other. Sure, I will do many of the same things, but this illness has had a profound effect on me and I sense that the way I view the world has changed in a fundamental way. I view this as a tremendous gift. I hope I am courageous enough to utilize this gift.

I am now spending a little time back at TY. It has been wonderful to be around the TY team again. I have been focusing on cleaning up various stuff that accumulated in my absence. I hope to return to client based work as my health allows.

We'll chat again soon,


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Kathy said...

All positive thoughts and prayers for you this week Glen. We are thinking of you.
Pat and Kathy