Sunday, October 19, 2008


We've had comments from people that they don't like checking in and not finding anything new. It's just that there really isn't anything new to tell you! Glen has spent the month of October slowly regaining his strength and "re-entering" the world. He is eating a wider variety of foods, though his throat revolts most of the time. He is spending more time doing things - he's cooked a little, runs some errands, went to the golf course yesterday for about an hour, celebrated with the firm at a "two-fer" baby shower and generally is rejoining us all...slowly.

As you know, tomorrow morning he goes in for his mri and then on Thursday afternoon we get to meet with the incredible Dr. Yom. Glen actually went and saw her last week because he had to have bloodwork done and he wanted to ask about his sore throat. She basically told him to live with the throat will eventually go away and endure the continues to be annoying. Dr. Yom was very pleased with his progress...she scoped him and did the physical manipulation of the lymph node in his neck. That news has made this last week a bit easier to get through.

Now as you know, I've gotten in the habit of filling you in on the kids. Blair found her homecoming dress today so she go to the dance next weekend! She's doing great in school. We are very proud of her attitude and successes. Her job coaching volleyball at the middle school has just ended. It was a great opportunity for her. We hear from Niels - mostly by text - but he seems to be enjoying school. He says that homework is not too bad, he really is enjoying his art history class and he's playing a lot of sports with his friends. He even asked me not to send junk food because they were all trying to live a fairly healthy lifestyle! What have they done with my son???!!! We, of course, can't wait to see him at Thanksgiving.

That's about it. I will tell you that right before I started this post I reminded Glen that everything was going to be great on Thursday. He said, "I hope so" and reminded me that it's okay for him/us to be nervous and sad...we can handle's part of life. So until Thursday...keep those healthy thoughts headed Glen's way...and check the blog late Thursday or early Friday.

Best to all,

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Jim and Diane Fidelibus said...

We are so happy to hear of Glens' recovery, (even though it's slow going) and are thinking of you this week. We will check in later.
Glad diane and Glen had a chance to chat today.
Jim and Diane