Friday, January 16, 2009

Continued Progress

It has been a month or so since my last post, so I thought I would take a couple of minutes away from work to make a new blog post. Yes, my work level continues to increase. I am up to working on average 6 hours a day. I still enjoy a nap most days when I get home in the afternoon, but that too is decreasing.

I HAVE FINALLY WEANED MYSELF OFF MY MEDS! This is huge for me as I definitely draw an emotional link between meds and being "sick". So, if you see me and I am a little irritable, please bear with me as I have been on some form of pain medication for about six months.

I have another contrast MRI in a month and follow that up with seeing Drs. Yom and Courey. In kind of a sick demented kind of way I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Yom. I am we as a family truly care for her.

Each day is a blessing. I am learning to enjoy those days that I feel great and get through those challenging days. And you know what, I am having many more of the former!

Be well,


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Karyn Kessler said...

Great hearing from you Glen. I am so happy the good days are beginning to outweigh the challenging days. Keep those unused meds handy for the rest of us if this economy continues...(JK)