Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Joyce and visited Dr. Yom this morning. Many of you have inquired of my health over the past month since my last posting (Thank you). I believe my consistent message has been - I hope the medical data (scan, exam, etc.) would be consistent with how I have been feeling, WHICH IS GREAT! Well the scan came back "perfect" in Dr. Yom's words and after she examined me, she said she was very happy. Dr. Yom does not mince words, so when she is happy I am very happy. My throat is looking very "normal". I have never been so happy to be normal. I asked her about remission. She said it was not a term that she or doctors in her field use very much. In the same way they really don't use the word cure. Instead of remission they speak in terms of "no evidence of disease". Instead of cure after five years they speak of "statistical unlikelihood of recurrence".

There are several dates I will forever remember that are connected to this wonderful path; May 23, 2008 (cancer diagnosis), August 29, 2008 (end of radiation therapy), September 2, 2008 (final chemo infusion) and February 17, 2009 (no evidence of disease). I also look forward to February 17, 2014 (statistical unlikelihood of recurrence).

As we were leaving our meeting with Dr. Yom and finishing up our hugathon, Dr. Yom said "now go live your life". It really struck me, and I intend to do just that. My family and I cannot thank her and UCSF for all they have done for us. They will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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