Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where Has The Summer Gone?!?

Can it be that my last posting occurred in May? Probably not too surprising to those of you that know me.

Last I posted I had just experienced my first anniversay from my original cancer diagnosis in May 2008. Since then I have experienced a few more first anniversaries. Dr. Yom laughs with me at all my celebrations. I tell her it is a way that I remind myself just how truly blessed I am. I experienced such a wide range of emotions this summer. Emotionally I relived that very dark period of time of July and August 2008 when I was treated for my disease. I have worked hard to remember all of the wonderful aspects of that period, while trying to replace all of the physical and emotional pain. It is such a unique experience. I would never want to give up all of the wonderful things of that summer, I just wouldn't want to have a recurrance of the cancer that led to all of it. I think a lot about this.

I have nothing but great news to communicate on the health front. I just had my one year checkup and Dr. Yom continues to be amazed at my wellness. I believe that she has had a great deal to do with it, but I also believe each of you, through all of your thoughts and prayers and postive energy were a big part of it as well. I also believe the special support I received from Michael Wagner and Katherine Czesak was integral to achieving my wellness. My evidece is anecdotal, but in the end what elase matters? If you have anyone that might benefit from their help, let me know and I will get you connected.

On tangential health matters I have a couple of things to report. When I went in for a scan back in February, the neuro-radiologist spotted a problem

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