Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update - May 28, 2009

Another MRI Scan; more good news. I had my 9 month follow up scan yesterday at UCSF. Joyce and I followed it up with a visit with Dr. Yom. In a nutshell, everything looks great. Dr. Yom said I have better oral health (less residual side effects) than she expected do to the size of my tumor and the extensive nature of my treatments. We now are on cancer furlough until my one year anniversary from treatment - late August / early September.

Speaking of anniversaries, we "celebrated" the one year anniversary for my diagnosis with cancer. Niels came to Walnut Creek (I don't use the word home, because Eugene is now HIS home) for the weekend. He wanted to be here for the long weekend to see some of his old friends and to take his truck back with him to Eugene. Last Saturday (May 23rd) was a very interesting time for me. I clearly had/have mixed emotions about the whole thing. There certainly were many pains we experienced with my diagnosis and treatment, but I am learning every day that it was truly a gift. I am so much better physically and emotionally than I was pre-cancer. Not that I didn't already know many of these things already, but it was as if I needed a mid-life wake up call. Well, I got it and I hope to not go back to sleep. Anyway, it was nice to celebrate by having a very normal weekend.

I hope to be better about my blogging moving forward.

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