Sunday, September 21, 2008

It Has Been Awhile

I can't believe how long it has been since my last posting.

First, thanks to the anchor of my life, my wonderful wife Joyce for her postings and communications with all of you during this absence. Without her, I simply could not have made it this far. I love her as deeply today as any moment during our 19+ years together.

I learned over the past month that getting through treatment was only the first step in the journey with cancer. The two weeks following treatment, during which the chemo and radiation were still working their way through me were actually physically more difficult than treatment itself. I think I have progressed past the most difficult period and now it is just a matter of being patient as I slowly but surely complete my recovery. Each cancer treatment program is different and each cancer patient's reaction is also different. So there are no hard and fast rules (yeah this is very difficult for me). Howevere, I have been told I can expect to feel approximately one-third to half my normal self by the 30 day mark (approximately October 1st). I will then hopefully continue to get better and feel somewhat normal by the end of the year. So please bear with me as I begin to resume my normal activities.

The mental aspect of recovery for me has been something that came at me completely unexpected. In summary it culminated in a severe anxiety attack in the middle of the night this past Wednesday night. I have a new respect for those individuals that suffer from such mental difficulties. I won't bore you with the dreadful details, but I was able to see my phsychologyst and begin a path of therapy that is allowing my mental recovery from cancer to track my physical recovery.

Joyce and I visited Dr. Yom last Thursday. Her examination revealed that I am ahead of progress. We are all hopeful that the MRI I have on October 20th will reveal all that we hope.

I want to thank all of you that have stayed in touch with me whether by texting, phoning, emailing Joyce or simply checking the blog. You all mean the world to me.

Joyce and I are taking Niels to University of Oregon on Wedneday to drop him off for college. So many emotions. I am sure we will have to stop several times on the way home to laugh and cry. Part of life's journey that I am so looking forward to rejoining.

Be well,


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