Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It's been about a week since I updated. No huge news to provide. Glen has continued to receive IV hydration. This week we were able to make arrangements for him to get that at John Muir which is right around the corner from our house - so very convenient. He has also done a great job drinking his Ensures so his weight seems to have stabalized. For the first time in awhile he made himself a small slice of french toast for breakfast. That is a good sign! His facial skin is recovering nicely from the duress of all the radiation and chemo. He has been very proactive about not letting things get out of hand there.

What else? Glen wanted me to mention that he is coming up on 2 weeks out of radiation and he has "celebrated" one week out of chemo. This means that the effects of those two treatments are working their way out of his system. We have been told repeatedly that this can take a few weeks. And that is the hard part. Glen desperately wants to feel better and start to get his life back, but he is being forced to be patient. He did say that he can feel some improvement in the condition of his mouth, but that his throat is still problematic. He has never succumbed to heavy pain killers (he is taking one, but at a minimum dosage), so he is really trying to remain strong through this and not put himself in too bad of a "drug" state.

So, how's Glen "doing" you ask? That's a hard one to answer. There are times when he feels hopeful and able to face the task of recuperation and there are times when he doesn't feel up to the task. He is struggling to stay strong mentally and emotionally.

Many people are wondering when Glen will be up and about and back to his old self...you know the Glen I'm talking about...I don't think there's any concrete answer to that. We are still on the day to day plan. He has been told that it will take 2 weeks to begin to feel better. (One week to go for that plan and we like the sound of that, but he is afraid to get his hopes up.) Other doctors have said that it will be a month before he feels better. He has been told that it will be 6 months before he feels like his old self, up to 2 years for the return of his tastebuds, and a year or 2 until his salivary glands recuperate-though they will never recover to their previous glamour!

We continue to be blessed by the incredible support of medical staff, family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. Galen was here the last couple days providing some diversion from the day to day drill. Glen's mom, Joyce is coming back today so that I can head to a conference in Sacto. Friends are stopping by, sending texts and cards, dropping off gifts of all sorts (thanks for the "poster" and the bag of goodies Diane and Jim!) and even dropping of the "extra" lasagna from time to time. I am so often overcome by the kindness and generosity of our wide circle of support.

Now, did I mention that I am home writing this long post because of another family member? Niels is home today after having his wisdom teeth pulled this morning. When I walked into the recovery room I flashed on him there when he had some teeth pulled at the age of 6 (I think). All of the years in between flew by in my memory and I became a bit emotional. After a moment, with a twinkle in his eyes Niels cracked them open, looked at me and said, "Mom, are you okay or do I look that bad?" I sat there and tried to wipe my tears, but couldn't quite stop. He looked back at me again and said, "Okay, now you're freakin' me out. Am I ever going to get a girlfriend again?" Gotta love those kids for keeping it real. He leaves for UO in two weeks. He asked if I was going to be alright and reminded me that we would see him just 2 months after he leaves. I didn't say it, but did he mean "JUST"? I know that it will be an eternity and yet just a moment - you know what I mean. We are so happy for him and so looking forward to hearing about his new life...

Okay, enough already. Thanks for reading. (Are you still here?!) We look forward to continuing to hear from you all - those from recent memory and those from our "past" who have reconnected via the blog. That has been such an unexpected positive outcome...hearing from "old" friends.

"Talk" soon,

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Jim and Diane Fidelibus said...

I have been wondering about you two for several days now, hoping, praying, wishing that things are slowly beginning to get better. Joyce, as the caregiver, I hope you are taking care of yourself, and Glen, I know everyday will be a day closer to being back on track. Hang in there!