Sunday, September 14, 2008

two steps forward...

It's been another week or so and there is no major news to share. Glen finished his round of hydration at John Muir last week. Galen, Joyce and the Quillins were kind enough to provide transportation. This week Glen will continue to stay hydrated the old-fashion drinking water and vitawater and gatorade-whatever works! He's feeling pretty good about keeping up with that.

Tuesday will be 2 weeks since his last chemo treatment. Overall there are improvements in his general condition, but his throat and that nasty mucous are still causing him major discomfort. (Sorry, I have to give a few gross details...skip to the next paragraph if you're faint of heart/stomach!) These are the last two conditions that seem to be holding up his recovery. Both of these conditions make it hard for Glen to eat. The mucous (caused by the radiation I think) upsets his stomach and the throat makes it painful to swallow. He is really making an effort to begin to re-introduce food though. Yesterday he had some wonton soup and tomato beef chowmein, plus something else for lunch (I forget what). But-and here's where the "one step back" comes in-today he has not been able to eat "real" food. So...he will continue to try and we will continue to find things that "sound" good to him and seem palatable.

Now - talking about "two steps forward"...we're very excited to share that yesterday Glen and I went to the movies! We saw the very entertaining Coen Brothers movie, "Burn After Reading." It was great to be out on a "date" and Glen did very well. Then today Glen and Niels went up to the club and hit a few balls around! I'm told that Glen hit about 10 balls and then reclined on the grass in the shade while Niels hit some more. That's very exciting news, especially for you golfer friends!

I also forgot to mention that he stopped by the office earlier in the week and checked in with his very hard-working colleagues at TY. They have been awesome through all of this and I know that Glen was very happy to see them. It was also very emotional for him as he really felt how much they care about him and want him to return to his "corner suite." Thanks to everyone at TY for your incredible support and extra-strength efforts to keep all the plates in the air these months. Also, the orchid is beautiful, but I'd better get it back to you so "someone" can make sure it stays in its current condition!

This week will be another step forward as I spend most of my day at work, Blair will be at school (she's doing very well!) and Niels will enjoy his last full week of work. While we are all otherwise occupied, Glen will be at home testing his independence skills. We will worry that Fred (the big red dog) will not be enough entertainment and company and that he will not be able to make sure Glen takes his meds correctly. (Fred is a very bright dog according to his mom, but he has not learned to tell the difference between two little white pills.) So, if any of you readers have a few minutes to text Glen or even to stop by to help with the transition, this would be a good week . You can call my cell if you want to "schedule" a visit or give Glen a text/call to check in with him. Don't be shy!

Keep picturing those two steps forward for us!

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