Tuesday, December 9, 2008

checking in

Several people have recently commented that they have not seen a post recently. I guess I could say that the good news is we have been busy with "life" and also that there is no new news to speak of at this time.

So what have we been doing you ask? We had the pleasure of joining our friends the Johnstons from Monterey in Oregon over the Thanksgiving holiday. We headed to Eugene in time to meet some of Niels' dorm friends and take them to a much appreciated hamburger dinner. Blair stayed in the dorm with Niels and attended classes with him on Wednesday. They had a great time together. Glen and I spent Wednesday purchasing our feast materials and then we all headed to the coast for a wonderful four days of rest and relaxation. We love the Johnstons because they don't care if we stay in our pajamas till 4pm! It was a great vacation and so wonderful to have Niels with us.

Upon our return to Walnut Creek we just started right back into the hectic life. Glen is working longer hours now. Work is pretty busy this time of year. He is very worn out when he gets home, but I think that the work is satisfying. Blair continues to stay busy with school and friends. She's looking forward to the possibility of doing some more volleyball coaching this winter.

I had quite the extended birthday celebration. First, Glen, Blair and I had a quiet evening at home on my birthday. We all enjoyed being back at home after our week on the road in Oregon. Then my dear friend Diane surprised me with a "surprise" party at Left Bank. It was wonderful to gather together a group of women who all have a special place in my heart for their role in both my professional and personal life. And Diane really made it a great evening. Finally, last weekend I had the most wonderful birthday celebration in Healdsburg. Several of my friends joined me for an extended "girls" weekend in a rented house in the vineyards. We did what girls do...laugh, shop, spa, drink wine, eat, laugh, shop...you get the picture. It was such a great weekend. Again I am struck by the continued kindheartedness and thoughtfulness of our friends. It seems that their generosity of spirit and caring is boundless.

Friday is a big day for us as Niels will be arriving home for the holidays. We don't expect to see much of him for a few days, but that is fine. When he's home, we will cherish every minute. I know that Fred is looking forward to the return of his bedmate. He loves Blair, but his first roommate was Niels and boys will be boys (even "dog boys")!

Next week Glen repeats his MRI, sees his UCSF surgeon, and meets with Dr. Yom. It will be a busy week for him in the city. We continue to be hopeful that this will be the appointment in which we get the "see you in 3 months" message. Keep sending your positive energy this way! We'll let you know how it goes late next week.

Happy Holidays to all,

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