Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting Started With a Big Week

This morning I had an MRI at the UCSF - China Basin facility. Other than a "blown out" blood vessel on the first try at the IV, the MRI was "uneventful".

I do have a feeling about this scan. I don't know what it is, but I just really have been feeling very positive about the results. I haven't had to see any "cancer" doctors in 3+ weeks and I am just feeling like we will be getting good news. It is kind of a weird deal, but I really think I am making progress because I am not expecting to make progress. I have been attempting to live each day as it comes, cherish those days when my energy is high and my pain is low and just get through those difficult days. The result, as best I can tell is I am having less difficult days. Dr. Yom and Dr. Dubey both told me separately at my last visit with each of them that my pain was something that just might not go away. It took me a few days to process, but I just decided that I wasn't going to let it rule my life. I decided that if I have pain, I would just medicate (Vicadin or Oxycodone) around it. And I began to eat more things and just medicate. Well, funny thing is after we got home from Oregon, I quit needing the Oxycodone. And I occaisonally forget to take a Vicadin and I get through it.

I am enjoying many more foods and even tasting some of them. Frankly, I have been nervous about being in social settings that involve food / eating. This past Friday we had our Holiday lunch for TY at Flemings in Walnut Creek. I did have a little pain that night from the rough textures, but all in all it was great. Then Joyce and I were invited by some of our friends to join them for cocktails and dining out. Both of these times have added to my confidence. I just look forward to the day (I hope) where I will be able to enjoy the taste of food as I once did.

So, tomorrow we see Mark Courey and Wednesday we get the results from Dr. Yom. The results will be what they will be. I truly believe this and am at peace with it! But I just have a feeling. I just hope it is not indegestion from all the new foods I have been eating!

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