Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Am A UCSF Tumor Board Graduate!

The news is great! Even though my scans continue to be a little "squirrly", the consensus by the tumor board is I no longer need to be monitored by them. It is sufficient for my progress to be followed by Dr. Yom, Dr. Courey and Dr. Dubey. Even better, I get to go a whole 8 weeks without having a scan, a scope, a finger in my mouth and down my throat, etc. This is wonderful news!

Let me fill in a few details. Joyce and I met with Dr. Mark Courey and his "Fellow" yesterday. They let it out of the bag that Dr. Yom had done a preliminary "read" of my MRI and that she sent Dr. Courey an email that said it looked "good". One of the things I love most about Dr. Yom is her honesty with me. To my knowledge she has never minced any words with me, even when times were there toughest during the middle of treatment. Also, the appointment with Dr. Courey was very brief, yet thorough. He ended it by saying that he would see me in two months. Hold it, why would I see him in two months? Well, he explained to us that when someone reached my level of recovery, that he liked to see them every two months for a year, followed by once every three months for a year, followed by once every six months for a year and then once every year, for well forever! I was hoping to hear this, but really didn't expect it until today. Joyce and I met with Dr. Yom this afternoon and as always she we discussed my case open and honestly. She stated that I was a 9 after my first MRI, had reverted to a 6.5 after the PET-CT Scan and that I had returned to about a 7 now. I am used to Dr. Yom being "conservative" in her appraisal of my wellness, but this was a surprise after what we heard from Dr. Courey. THEN SHE EXAMINED (SCOPED AND THE FINGER DOWN THE THROAT THING) ME! Well immediately after sticking her finger down my throat her whole demeanor changed. She revised her numerical appraisal of my status to at least an 8 and she said she was "HAPPY".

Any time Dr. Yom is happy, we are very happy.

Be well!


Jim and Diane Fidelibus said...

Hey Glen-GREAT news!!!!! Now it is time to get together and celebrate good health. Dinner in January??? Have a wonderful holiday with your family. Diane and Jim

Anonymous said...

Glen...between Joyce's e-mail about friends & family & life & your wonderful news, I am sitting here crying...I am so grateful to be a part of your lives... Congratulations on your continuing victory...Love to all of you and a HEALTHY and HAPPY New Year!!!

mitchell801 said...

We knew your good feelings would trend upward into GREAT news.

There is no better way to celebrate your path to superlative health than looking forward to dynamic busy season, and even better year for our boys in green and gold !

Congratulations & all the best for a Merry Christmas and Healthy and Wealthy New Year.

Mitch & Kathrine