Monday, July 21, 2008

And we're off...

In more ways than one we have several new beginnings here. Our weekend to Eugene was a fantastic beginning for Niels as he prepares to head out into the world of higher education. It's also a new beginning for the 3 of us staying in Walnut Creek as we adjust to daily life without his physical presence. We will miss him, but are so proud of him and excited for what is ahead.

Eugene was also a beginning for Blair. She really felt the excitement around the whole "college" experience and is ready to rock her junior year! We look forward to supporting her as she "struts" her way to the end of her high school years. (Inside joke-we were brainstorming all of the synonyms for "walk" when we were "meandering" through UO today - she thought we were being ridiculously nerdy!)

Tomorrow is a new beginning for Glen. Actually, last Monday was the beginning-beginning, but somehow tomorrow feels more like the real beginning of his "path to outstanding health." We head to UCSF at 5:45 am for labwork, infusion (a cocktail of 2 meds, plus Benadryl, anti-nausea meds and who knows what else). This five hour chemo treatment will be followed by his first radiation treatment.

We are as prepared as we'll ever be. We know it will be a long day and a longer 6+ weeks, but we also know that it will be time well-spent! So many wonderful things have happened in the 2 months since Glen's diagnosis. We head down this road knowing that the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars are aligned and and his results will be outstanding!

Thanks to you all for staying in touch and sending us your strength and love.


Anonymous said...

Joyce (& Glen) (& Niels) (&Blair): I'm really happy for you all as Niel's heads off to college and Eugene. I'm sure he'll do great and have a funderful time there! Plenty of "white light" and prayers coming your way tomorrow Glen for your first treatment. I know it'll go great!!!
Lots of love from Mike(y)

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with all the family.

Angela D Thomas said...

Hi Glen and Joyce,
I know today was the beginning of the END of Glens cancer. Hang tough! We love you.
Angie and Mike