Monday, July 14, 2008

hey bloggers

Hi friends and family!
It has come to our attention that some of you may be struggling with how to make a comment on Glen's blog. It seems to be a bit of a challenge for people of a certain...age or generation! So Glen suggested that I post the directions to make sure that we could all participate in the techy world of the 21st century!

The good news is that if you're reading this you have already figured out how to get to his blog. Congratulations! Now to make a comment you go to the bottom of any "post." (A post is any message from Glen or a few other people who have clearance for postings.) At the bottom of each post you will see "# comments". After that you will see an envelope. To make a comment you click on the word "comments." (You use the envelope if you want to forward his blog to another party.)

Once you have done that a new screen comes up. There is a box in which you can write your comment. Under the box is a word/character verification box that you simply re-type in the provided box.

Finally, you must sign up to be a google blogger in the "Google Identity" boxes. (This is assuming that you do not have a blogger address with another entity - thus the other options under the Google Blogger section.) The dot is already filled in green indicating that you will create or use your google blogger account. Your username is your email address and then you must enter a password (that you will remember for your next comment!). The last step is to click on "Publish Your Comment."

Voila! You are officially a blogger! Congratulations. We look forward to reading your comments in the future.

PS Glen will provide an update on his first treatment very soon. So that you're not in suspense, I will say that it went very well. He is a trooper!

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