Wednesday, July 9, 2008



The past two days has been such a whirlwind of activity over at UCSF. On Monday Joyce and I were at UCSF from 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The day began with me giving blood and turning in my 24 hour urine sample (I will have to share that story later when we all need a good laugh). It followed with a meeting with the speech pathologist (Joey Thornton - swallowing), meeting with Frances Zhang (Clinical Trial Coordinator), simulation, chest x-ray, meeting with Sarita Dubey - Medical Oncologist, Vascular Access Port flush and tour of the Infusion Center and finally Thyroid Ultrasound and biopsy.

In the middle of all those things, we decided to attempt to take part in the Clinical Trial. That essentially would mean that I would receive the standard protocol treatment plus extra radiation and possibly an extra drug. We will know whether I make it into the trial by the end of this week. We will also know which "Arm" of the trial I am "randomized" into. It all comes down to, of all things, my thyroid. They discovered a nodule on my left thyroid when they performed the contrast ct scan ten days or so ago. They biopsied it on Monday. The doctors think it is a cyst or something similar. If it comes back not cancerous, then they will let me in the trial. If it is cancer, then I will revert to the protocol treatment. Timing is still TBD.

Yesterday was Joyce and my 19th wedding anniversary. We spent the morning with me having an MRI and an ultrasound of my heart (seemed very easy compared to Monday). We did sneak in a lovely breakfast in San Francisco. Breakfast has always been one of those things we love to do. It has been so wonderful to have Joyce back with me at the doctor meetings. She wasn't able to be with me due to some of the trainings she was doing. Joyce is the rock of our family. I know this hasn't been easy for her, but having her by my side has been so important to me keeping a positive attitude and facing this challenge, My confidence level when Joyce is with me soars. Happy Anniversary Hun, I love so much. I look forward to us having a very special 20th anniversary! A good friend reminded my last week that Joyce and my anniversary is actually July 4th, 1985. That is the day we met in The Madison Bear Gardens in Chico. So, July 4th is very special to me for another reason.

There has been so many wonderful responses to my blogging so far - THANK YOU! I will keep it up.


joyce said...

Did you have to tell everyone that we met in a bar??? And The Bear at that??? I love you too and am also looking forward to our 20th - let me see...Italy? Spain? Paris? Ireland? Chile??? Can't wait! xxoo

Chris said...

Glen. I am amazed on a regular basis about how strong a person you are. In the midst of all this madness you are able to stay so upbeat and positive about everything in your life. The best part is that this attitude isn't something you feel you need to do, but something that is just part of you. You talk highly about the people around you who are suppporting you through this process. What you don't ackknowledge is that those people have been around you for a long time because of the person you are. Great people attract great people. I know you are going to make it through this adventure in your life as you have made it through previous adventures. Keep your focus knowing your back covered.

Happy Anniversary to you and Joyce.