Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Treatment

First of all, thanks to Joyce for helping all of us with posting comments to the blog.

Well, another long day at UCSF yesterday. I had my first infusion of Cetuximab. They started me off with an IV drip of Benedryl. That was a fun "ride". They administer that first because the primary side effect from Cetuximab is acne on your face that make a 16 year old proud. The other "Very Likely" side effects include weakness, headache, fever, dry skin and low magnesium that could lead to muscle cramps or weakness. So far, my only side effect has been a headache that set in last night at 2 AM and overall tiredness. There are many other "Less Likely" side effects that I won't bore you with now. I will be receiving Cetuximab weekly through September 2nd.

The other part of my treatment will begin next Tuesday. That will include Cisplatin and radiation therapy. I will receive 3 infusions of Cisplatin over the course of treatment and radiation every weekday through August 29th plus an extra radiation treatment every Friday. The Cisplatin "Very Likely" side effects are too numerous to list here. One key is to drink enough water to make sure the poison and dead cancer cells get washed through the kidneys. As Dr. Yom says, the kidneys are the septic tank of the body. My mantra heading into Tuesday is "PEE CLEAR!" So if you see me around it just may be in a local toilet going to the bathroom one of 20 plus times a day. Please remind me to drink my water.

Now that we have defined the treatment it seems "doable". My mind is right and I am as physically ready for this as I can be. It is nice to have the scope of the treatment in mind and to have an end in cite.

Many of you know that my son Niels will be a Duck at the University of Oregon this coming fall. I am so proud of him and couldn't be more excited for this phase of his life to begin. It is with great sadness and happiness that I experience this transition. One of the things we were hoping for is to experience introDUCKtion this coming weekend up at Eugene. Well, thanks to Dr. Yom, we will be able to do just that. Thank you Dr. Yom.

Blair has been in San Diego at UCSD since Saturday with Marina and Ashley Peterson. Blair and Marina are there at a volleyball camp pursuing one of their passions. I know it has been great for her to get away, but I miss her a ton.

I will likely not make another posting to the blog until after Tuesday. Wish me luck.

Be well,

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Monica Lawver said...

Having recently been in the hospital delivering my second child, I can still see the mark in my hand from the IV. I can only imagine what weekly treatments will be like, and greatly admire your positive attitude! If ever there was a person cancer should fear, it is you. It will not beat you! Good luck and be well.