Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a Week!

As with most of my weeks lately, it began and ended with my health. I previously told you about Monday and Tuesday and the items up in the air. Well, they all ended up working out very well. I received an email early Friday morning from Frances (Clinical Trail Coordinator) that I was accepted into the RTOG 0522 Clinical Trial (Yeah!). She also informed me that I was randomized into Arm 2, which includes both Cisplatin and Cetuximab (Triple Yeah!!!). I have not spoken with the doctors yet about the results of the biopsy, MRI or heart scan, but I am assuming that they all turned out "normal" (Yeah!).

Every year for the last 10 years or so I have taken a golf trip with three of my best buddies (Jim, Gregg and Tony). Well truth be told, some years we have taken even two or three trips, but please don't tell Joyce as I always tell her these extra trips are "bidness". Anyway, these trips have been all over the US and even to England and Ireland in 2006. This has become a wonderful tradition among some pretty terrific friends. These traditions evolve and one of the recent evolutions is to make a "big" trip on "big" birthdays. The person we are celebrating for gets to choose, with input from the rest. Well, 2008 is my 50th, so we were scheduled to go to Scotland in September. Mind you, these trips only get altered for some pretty big reasons. In February we learned that Jim's wife Beth was pregnant with their 4th child. This is their "gift" child as they had no plans to add a 4th. I am so happy for them. So, in early April we decided to reschedule for April 2009. Well 2009 happens to be Gregg's 40th (big birthday), so we will be celebrating many things including Gregg's 40th and my outstanding health! But, this left us with a problem. What will we do for 2008? Just so happens that Gregg, who lives in Boston, was going to Hawaii with his girlfriend. So, he came out a few days early and I got to spend a couple of fabulous days with my buddies playing golf. Guys, thanks for so many wonderful and interesting memories. I love you guys!

Friday late afternoon I received a call from Frances. She explained to me the process to come. I will be receiving my first dose of Cetuximab Monday morning. Cetuximab will be administered once a week. A week later I will begin Cisplatin and radiation therapy. TREATMENT IS BEGINNING - TIME TO GET MY MIND RIGHT! No doubt I am frightened, excited, nervous, hopeful, anxious and CONFIDENT!

I have been able to get in a rhythm with this blogging and make a posting every three days or so. The feedback I have received has been very positive. I will do all I can to keep it up and maybe even post more often. I appreciate your feedback very much.

Be well!

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