Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th . . . .

Happy 4th of July everybody!

To me 4th of July has always been about family. I grew up from the age of 6 in Rough & Ready, a very small town just down Highway 20 from Grass Valley. It was a very rural upbringing and many of my characteristics, including a keen desire to explore new things, come from that upbringing. Some of my fondest memories are summer explorations with my two older brothers, Steve (4 years older) and Mike (3 years older). We would literally take off hiking in a direction and either come back later that night or a couple days later. I thank them for taking their whiny little brother. Some of my best memories are of 4ths of July. My Dad was integral in the beginning of an event usually held on or very near the 4th in Rough & Ready - Succession Days. It was great fun as a kid. Back in those days we had our own fireworks. I don't recall there being any fireworks displays like we have today. Much of the great fun revolved around buying fireworks. We'd take our haul home at night and set them off. I really think our kids miss out on this great fun.

Since my last update most of what has transpired has been coordinating the remaining medical procedures and doctors appointments that need to be completed prior to starting treatment. On Monday I will be seeing a speech pathologist that specializes in swallowing, Sue Yom (Radiation Oncologist) for Simulation and Sarita Dubey to coordinate chemotherapy. Mixed among those appointments I will be giving a 24 hour urine sample, blood and a chest xray. Finally I will meet with Frances Zhang, the clinical trial coordinator. On Tuesday (Joyce and my 19th anniversary), I have an MRI and a heart exam. These procedures will help establish baselines from which treatment will begin.

Late yesterday I received a call from Frances Zhang. For various reasons it now appears that treatments will begin July 21st. While this was initially disappointing to me, I do understand the need to have the best plan in place before treatment begins. Plus, this will allow me an additional week to get stronger and to prepare for my absence from work. Also, if they will allow me to start on the 22nd, I will be able to go to Eugene for introDUCKtion at the University of Oregon with Niels. That would be wonderful.

Bye for now . . .


Anonymous said...

Glen, I just thought I should remind you that not only is your 19 year anniversary Thursday, but today July 4th is the 23rd anniversary of yours and Joyce's first date. (Stop with the eye rolling) I only know this because it was also our 1st date too...
Happy fourth my friend. We are thinking of you everyday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Glen,

Love the blog and updates. Did you ever imagine you'd be blogging a few months ago? Lots of new opportunities to learn about love and life in this process I imagine. The waiting right now must be very difficult. Keep the updates coming, you are cared about by many.

Lori Bing

Anonymous said...


I'm learning more about you now than I have know in the last 20 years. Mom had a picture of your wedding out the other day. It hardly seems that long ago. And you both were so good looking, young, thin, and with lots of hair. Ok so we can't keep everything but the good looking still goes.

Your Blogs are amazing. Full of information in a way that we can track and follow easily. Thanks for keeping us all up to date.

Have a great anniversary and hope you get to go the the InDUCKtion. I sure Niels would love it.

I think of all of you often and send many positive thoughts and prayers. You can never have enough!


Anonymous said...

Hi Glen...Joyce has officially explained to me that it is not the envelope, but the word "comments" that I click on, so now I am brilliant...We are all thinking of you and Joyce and the kids...Erin and Conrad will be in Amsterdam beginning in mid October for a year...Let's think about spring in Holland with the tulips and all...Conrad's grandfather and Aunt are in Belgium and are looking for a reason to show us all around...They are lovely people...Happy Anniversary to you both...I hadn't thought about it, but you will be 19 years and Page and I will be exactly twice that this year...Where do the years go...Thank you for keeping us posted...Love to all of you...Let us know how tomorrow goes...Love Karen