Monday, July 28, 2008

A Touh 3 Days

I received two treatments of radiation on Friday and I was still assimulating the first big dose of Cisplatin / Cetuximab. As a result I had a weekend that was filled with uneasiness and restlessness. We tried to make it as niormal as possible, including going to the A's game on Saturday. Not such a good idea, but we do live and learn. I will definately take it more cautious moving forward. I am feeling a little more "normal" this morning, but am still suffering from a anxiety and restlessness.

In my last blog I forgot to thank my brother Steve and sister-in-law Pat for coming down to Eugene during our visit. It was great to see them. I love them dearly and thank them for all their support.

Dr. Yom took a look at my tumors last Thursday and said they had definately shrunk. I can feel it as well. THAT IS MUSIC TO MY EARS!

Here's to a great week of treatment and recovery.

Be well,


Kathryn said...

Glen: I'm so glad that I got in touch with you to get your blog before you swore off of email! Please remember that I'll do whatever I can for you, Joyce and the kids...I'm just a phone call away!

Now kick this thing!


Angela D Thomas said...

Hi Glen,
I like the sound of that music too! Thats really great news. I'm really glad to hear that your tumors are shrinking! As far as keeping things normal goes, well, you will probably have to find a new "normal" for a time. I know you will be in good hands with Mom while Joyce is in NYC. We're here if needed. Love, Angie and Mike

Monica Lawver said...

Dear Glen: It is great to hear the tumors are shrinking! Keep up the good work! This week, during my mother-in-law's visit to help with the baby, I told her about your incredible attitude. I had a little epiphany and said: "It seems that most truly successful people have that kind of can-do attitude. And Glen is definitely successful." You are a great example of success - personally and professionally. Thanks for letting us be a part of your life, a great place to be. Good luck!

John said...

Hey Glen,

Getting constant updates from Jim, but want you to know that Lisa and I have you in our thoughts all the time. Caroline even includes you in her "god blesses" when she says her prayers at night.

Getting anxious for the next trip to Bandon so keep up the hard work and incredibly positive attitude.

Hope to see you soon.
John Sween

Siouxman said...


Great to hear that the treatments are going well and you are getting through them. Sounds like you have a terrific attitude about the whole thing.

Loved hearing that there is going to be a Duck in the family. My son Rob is a Duck and he has converted me big time.

Hey, I am the old retired guy and have time to help. So, sign me up for some trips to UCSF...I drive fairly safely and haven't had a traffic ticket or accident for two weeks.

bob johnston

Gael Knight said...

Glen it is great to hear you are in good spirits and that your treatment is going well. Know that Polly, the kids and I are pulling for you in your fight. Not because we particularly like you. Just because we only pull for winners and you definitely fall in that category. May you enjoy a speedy and painless victory my friend.