Sunday, August 3, 2008

2 weeks down...

Glen is on his way to complete and total's not an easy path, but it's the road he's traveling and we are on our way together.

As of today he has completed 3 rounds of the clinical trial chemo (cetuximab) - he has 4 to go (I think). He has completed 1 of the 2 rounds of cisplatin. The final dose of that treatment will be August 12th. He luckily has not suffered from nausea to this point, but the cetuximab is really messing with his oral health. He has developed several of the expected or possible side effects of that treatment and is experiencing difficulty eating and speaking. He has found the humor in being told that he has to eat...after a lifetime of being told to "not eat so much!" Now he just wishes he could eat without pain.

He has completed 2 weeks of radiation with 6 doses per week (2 rounds on Fridays). His last radiation treatment will be on September 2nd. On Thursdays he meets with the radiologist, Dr. Yom. She has been pleased with the shrinkage of the tumor and that is just the news we want to hear! Both she and Dr. Dubey have been helping Glen with pain management. They are incredibly caring and personal physicians - and they both have a great sense of humor!

Last weekend our "best man," Galen came down to hang with us. It was great to have him here - both for his help and for his great sense of humor! He took Glen to treatment on Monday and then took Niels and Blair and me to the airport on Tuesday. Thanks Galen and Janet for your friendship (I hate to think how many years!) and support.

We returned yesterday from NYC. I want to thank Glen for encouraging us to make the trip. We missed him very much, but did appreciate the opportunity to take pleasure in the city - enjoying the sights (saw a Yankee game, walked the Brooklyn Bridge and many of the neighborhoods including Soho, Greenwich Village, etc.), sounds (saw the Conan O'Brien show taped - thanks to our friend Sue Edelmann and Blair and I also saw Sheryl Crow on the the Today Show) and tastes of the city (felt like we traveled back to Italy one night and came upon one of the "top 10" Thai restaurants in the nation!). We were fortunate to have Glen's mom here to care for him and shuttle him to UCSF. We owe her a huge thanks for allowing us to take our vacation without worrying about Glen's care. Also, thanks to Jimmy G. for bringing Glen to the airport to pick us up.

Glen has not brought his computer home from the office so he may not be writing any more posts for awhile. He is using his energy (what little he has) to stay focused on the task of getting through this treatment. As he said from the beginning - he has to get really sick in order to get well. While it's fairly easy to say that, it's not easy to live through...but he will get through this with your continued positive thoughts, energy and prayers.'re stuck with me writing the updates...unless I can get Niels or Blair to give it a try. As always, thanks for checking in with Glen and letting him know you're "there" for him through your comments. I will print them out for him to read as he's able.

Love and thanks to all,

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