Thursday, August 21, 2008

explanations... those of you who are trying to text Glen...he left his phone at UCSF this afternoon so he will have to catch up with everyone tomorrow.

Second, he had a great conversation with Dr. Yom today. She "scoped" his throat and is very pleased with the progress. She expects that he'll start feeling more like himself 2 weeks after treatment ends (Sept 2) and a full recovery thereafter.

Third, I know I posted some photos and you all are wondering - what the heck? I spent hours trying to post a slide show and/or just some photos and that was the best I could do. Techy I'm not. So the top photo (I think) is of Glen and the kids at Johnson Hall on the UO campus. For those of you who are in the know...that's the Admin building they used for Animal House! Not a good sign for Niels-or maybe it is!

The other pictures are from our trip to NYC-Sheryl Crow from the Today Show concert, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square from our hotel and Niels with Steve Carrell...sort of...

I may try to get photos up again. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

The best news yet and it keeps getting better...Congratulations on another week finished...and counting the days to when you notice that you are feeling better...It makes all of us down here count our blesssings too...Lots of Love...The Whytes