Sunday, August 3, 2008


Good Afternoon!

Glen just read my post (and your comments and emails that were sent to my address) and has some revisions to the treatment schedule. I thought it should be accurate so here you go...

As of today, he has completed 3 rounds of cetuximab, but he has 5 to go (not 4 as previously stated). The really good news is that as of Tuesday, he will be half way done with cetuximab! Yeah!!!!! I think I'll have a glass of wine on Tuesday to celebrate! ( if I needed an excuse!).

The other correction is that he will have his last radiation on August 29th (hey that's THIS month!) and his last cetuximab will be on Sept. 2nd. So...stay tuned for more good news!

As for Glen's weekend activities...he's been eating a bit more today-squeezed down two scrambled eggs, a few Ensure shakes with banana, chocolate sauce and protein powder, a spoonful of honey, a bunch of water and he's looking forward to pudding and jello with whip cream for dinner! Well, at least he's going to try those tasty treats! He's also promised to walk around the block after dinner and he's currently taking a shower! Wow-what a day! The good end of day news is that he thinks he's turned the corner and his mouth is recovering from last Tuesday's chemo. Now he'll have a couple days to prepare for the next round. And so are the days of our lives...(You have to be of a certain age and gender to get that one!)

Keep your comments coming-he hangs on your every word of encouragement! Even the ones with the bad jokes! Actually, especially the ones with the bad jokes!

"Talk" soon,


ann said...

joyce - glad you and the kids had a great trip to ny!!
keep up the positive attitude - and let me know if you need me to do a costco run to pick up more ensure and pudding cups!!!
and i'll definitely help you spice up your blog with some tunes and more pictures... just beware - it can be a full time job!!! time flies when you're blogging...


Angela D Thomas said...

Good morning Glen and Joyce,
Thanks for the update. Joyce, glad you're back home safe and sound. I'm glad you were able to make the trip. Glen, you just keep up the good work. (and I would skip the Ensure and go for the ice cream!)
Love you,

Karyn said...

Greetings Warriors! I'm so glad the trip to NYC was a good one, albeit without Glen. I'm thrilled to hear the tumor is shrinking!! Let me know if you want an ice cream "party"--Love you both!