Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Day with Glen

This post is from Jim Gebhardt:

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how Glen is doing from a friend's perspective. I had the priveledge of taking him to his chemo and radiation treatment yesterday at UCSF. What an amazing place? The environment is new, bright and chearful as are everyone I met yesterday involved with Glen's care. And then there's Glen himself, who, from the moment he walks into the building he's saying "Good Morning" to all his favorite faces as he makes his way up to the infusion center (which is where he has his chemo treatment) with the same enthusiasm as if he's saying "Good Morning" to the Starter at the 1st tee Bandon Dunes. Having witnessed both, I can't tell the difference ~ how amazing is that! Once in the Infusion Center he has his usual playful and often sarcastic bantor with the specific nurses that provide his treatment and in the process brings some sillyness to an otherwise very serious setting. I'm sure the nurses feel like he is a breath of fresh air!

As Dr. Yom (his Oncologist) said during his check-in with him prior to his radiation session: "You are a very special person to us - Thank You." Glen, who consciously is working to improve his ability to "receive" did a nice job of accepting Dr. Yom's comments. It was an emotion filled moment. The modesty in all of us rarely allows oursevles to feel that we are special but as we all know Glen, Joyce, Niels and Blair are ALL truly special people.

Given all that Glen is going through he looks great. The sores in his mouth are impacting his ability to talk and eat (and we all know how much Glen loves to talk and eat...:). The more he can eat the less weight he should lose and then the faster his recovery should be. So getting the sores under control will be a hugh improvement in his day-to-day.

He has his routine down pat and his attitude is great! His care at UCSF is truly amazing and matched by the care he receives at home from Joyce and his family. With all that love surrounding him I'd say his path to outstanding health is well underway!!!

All the best,



joyce said...


Thank you for your support and thank your family for allowing you to take/make the time to "be there" in so many ways for us. (And with Beth 8 months pregnant with #4! She's a saint!)

But even more, thank you all for your enduring friendship. We love you guys.

Anonymous said...

I am showing Mom and Dad your blog and they want you to know how much they love all of you and that they are keeping you in their prayers each and every day.