Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hotel Kabuki

Here we are in the home stretch. And what a wild ride it will be. Glen woke up in the night with his face "on fire." The vicadin didn't cut the pain. By the time we got to UCSF for his regular radiation appointment he was dealing with it, but absolutely miserable. (I'll let him describe the misery to you in more detail when he's ready.) Dr. Yom was there to save the more ways than one. The first thing she did when she saw Glen's red and puffy face was go to her computer and google something that she wanted to share with Glen. When she found it - she had Glen read it. It was a report that the greater the skin reaction to the Cetuximab, the greater the odds are that it's working. So that was a moment of glee - in a weird way. Then she asked him what he was taking for pain and couldn't believe that he was only taking 1 or 2 vicadin. She said, "That's for a sprained ankle, not radiation!" She prescribed some heavier duty pain meds and off I went to the pharmacy. (It's almost a daily visit I think.) Dr. Yom saved the day again because when I got there and the pharmacist said he couldn't fill the prescription (I'm sure he had a very good reason) and told me to go back to my doctor's office for another one. Yah right, drive back to UCSF at 4:30. Anyway...the incredible Dr. Yom convinced him that he could fill it and voila - Glen is feeling much better now...if you know what I mean. Actually, his word was "numb," but I told him that numb was a good thing for the next couple weeks. After that he can start moving out of numbness and into the "colored" world (my reference to Oz). where was I? I really was just going to tell you all that we would be spending our night tomorrow (Thursday) at Hotel Kabuki in Japantown. We have actually had a reservation there for Thursday night for the last month, thinking that it would make it easier on Glen not to have to go to SF twice on Friday. Hotel Kabuki lets patients check in early and check out late so Glen can get some rest. But up to now, he hasn't wanted to stay (I think he likes the normalcy of his own house, bed, kids, etc.). However, since it's his LAST radiation treatment on Friday - we thought we'd make it a "date" and make it easier on ourselves. So we won't be answering emails till Friday afternoon. You can reach us by cell/text until then.

"Talk" later,


Anonymous said...

OK..So it is Thursday night and I am sitting here thinking of all that all of you have been through and of what a remarkable family that you are...Tomorrow will be the beginning of the rest of your lives together and of feeling better and of savoring everything...You are amazing and we are holding all of you close to our hearts...Love to you all and Congratulations...P and K

Jim and Diane Fidelibus said...

Diane and I have been thinking of both of you a lot this past week, and are so HAPPY it is coming to an end. But really, it is just a new beginning for all of you. YAY! Way to go... Love you guys,,

Jim and Diane