Sunday, August 24, 2008

A week of "lasts"

I thought I'd do a quick post and asked Glen if he wanted me to "say" anything for him.  He said, "It's a week of "lasts"...last Monday, (second to the) last Tuesday, etc. all the way to the LAST radiation on Friday.  Be thinking of him at about 12:30 on Friday when he goes in for his LAST radiation treatment.  What an accomplishment!Last weekend Glen was feeling the difficulty of what he'd been through and was having a hard time looking forward through the remaining weeks.  He had an incredible appointment with Dr. Yom where she really listened to him and let him just sort of "feel" what he was feeling.  She knew that he was struggling and she was concerned about his spirit, but she was so incredibly encouraging and caring.  Her inspiring words really helped Glen refocus and we went home feeling much better. Glen was really re-energized to finish up strong-well as strong as he can be after what his body and mind have endured.  Amazingly though, Dr. Yom wasn't through.  She emailed Glen at 1:00 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning with more encouragement.  She said she was really concerned and wanted him to know that he is making INCREDIBLE progress medically and he really needs to stay strong mentally.  Can you believe that???!!! A doctor staying up worrying about her patient and then emailing him a long email in the middle of the night?   OMG!   We are blessed by fabulous, caring medical experts, supportive, caring friends, business friends, family and even acquaintances and strangers.  Thank you all!  We are in the final stretch and are racing (though at a non-Olympic pace!) to the finish line.  joyce


Lisa Silva said...

It's so good to hear about the great progress you are making. Stay strong...see ya soon!

Jim and Diane Fidelibus said...

Look at you now! You are talking about the this being the LAST monday, this Friday will be the LAST Friday! Keep it up, you are almost there! We've been thinking of you and will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Way to go, you get the Gold medal in our eyes. (Que up the national anthem now...)

Anonymous said...

Lasts and firsts...The Last week of your treatments and next week will be the First week of beginning to regain your strength and control over your life and schedule...You all are amazing...Congratulations...Karen and Page