Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The List

Well, I'm happy (and Glen is even happier) to say that we are done with Sisplatin (sp?) and can check it off the list!  Glen flew through a very long day in the Infusion Center receiving his Benadryl, saline, anti-nausea drip, Cetuximab and Sisplatin and I may have missed one or two others. :(  He was able to sleep through some of it, chat with his "neighbors" and power an Ensure shake.  Radiation only took about 15 minutes after the chemo treatment so we were on our way home by 4:00 (I think).  Just a regular "work" day at UCSF.  What were all of you doing?  Probably working!  Now we just hope that he sails through the effects of Sisplatin as successfully as he did last time (no nausea) and then look forward to shorter Tuesdays for the next 3weeks!

Glen came home this evening and promptly fell asleep on the couch (good thing we just got that extra cable sports package!) and took a 2 hour nap.  I told him that there's no such thing as too much sleep right now.  He is currently watching the A's game (how depressing is that?!) and switching back and forth to the Olympics.  (Wasn't it nice of the IOC to arrange the "tournaments" during his treatment?) Blair is anxiously anticipating Michael Phelps' swim in awhile. Wasn't that 400x relay AMAZING!!!!!????? I think I woke Glen up with my screaming at the tv (he was in bed long before the event).

Besides our daily trek to UCSF we're staying pretty busy here. We're looking forward to a visit from Steve Sagehorn on Thursday and Galen Schmidt on Sunday. Dave Bing will be transporting Glen on Wednesday and next Wednesday Jim Kelley will have the honors. Glen enjoyed a visit from Mike Quillin yesterday. Your phone calls and texts and emails (to me) are all much appreciated. They really do help the days go by and give us something to look forward to, as well. And can I just say...the dinners have been fabulous! Talk about having something to look forward to...THANK YOU FRIENDS!

Stay tuned...


kathryn said...

Hi there! Please note that the "anchor" in that 4 x 100 relay was a fellow UCSB alum! ...yeah, he did graduate a few years after me...

Sara said...

Hi Glen!! Hi Joyce!

Here is your neighbor, Sara Hare, just back from a 5-week trip. Been thinking about you since I heard JUST before leaving. Heard more about you today, when Diane Fidelibus called to talk. How great you are in contact! She is a wonderful woman, an old soul, and you can share lots of laughs, I'm sure.

Let me share a happy story with you. I have a friend in Westchester County New York, diagnosed with Stage 4 oral cancer 6 years ago. Paul Freehauf. Never smoked, drank very little. Total fitness nut. Go figure. It was a major deal. All teeth had to be refilled. Surgery. Radiation. Chemo. It was a long, painful haul.

But today he is feeling GREAT and soon, so will you!

We send our best to you. I'll bring over some food soon.

Hugs, Sara, Uwe, Laina and Liv