Sunday, August 10, 2008

Half way there!!!!!

Well, halfway almost! As of tomorrow Glen will be half way through his treatment. He has done an INCREDIBLE job of getting through this treatment program. When I go back and think about when we first heard about the clinical trial and how we were so excited that he might qualify I - we were a bit like deer in headlights and really didn't fully fathom the severity of the side effects. BUT as I watch Glen work through the side effects with such strength and determination I am amazed. And we are so excited by the results he is experiencing. The doctors are also very positive.

Glen's week has been pretty successful. He seems to have figured out how to manage his oral care to the point where he is actually eating "real" food. On Friday when we were in the city all day for 2 radiations he actually ordered eggs and pancakes for breakfast at the diner across the street. This weekend he has eaten meatloaf, mashed potatoes, chicken soup with rice, pancakes, and more! This is a really good thing. He's sleeping for 6 hours at a stretch, plus a short nap or two in the afternoon so that really helps him recuperate. When we met with the OT (Glen refers to her as the "lovely Joey) on Friday she was very pleased with the fact that he seems to have maintained pretty much the same swallowing capacity as he did before treatment. He will see her again in two weeks. (He's looking forward to that!)

Tomorrow Glen will meet with his oncologist, Dr. Dubey. She has not seen him for a couple weeks so we look forward to getting her feedback on his progress. She has been away on a cruise to Alaska. Can't wait to hear what she thought of that. It's on our list of things to do someday.

Glen will probably see Dr. Yom (radiologist) tomorrow as well. She has been away on a little camping trip. She expressed her chagrin at leaving her patients, but Glen assured her that she needed her time away too. He even took her a little gift to let her know that she deserved a break. She laughed when she saw the bag of glow in the dark bracelets and the "headlamp" that I used in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk a few years ago. She wasn't looking forward to camping, she's more of a "room service" girl, but we know that she will have a story or two to share.

Thanks to both Jims for their posts last week. It's great to have the perspective and "voice" of others who are working with Glen through this blip in his life. It looks like next week we will have the pleasure of a visit (and transportation to UCSF) from Galen and another "old" college friend, Steve Sagehorn. Can't wait to have them here to provide some more laughter!

Blair had her 16th birthday last week. She had an enjoyable day getting more ear piercings (yikes!) and going to Beni Hana with her "soul sister," Marina. They had a great time there. It's a family tradition to go to Beni Hana for the kids' birthday dinners. Since we couldn't do the "family" thing this year, Blair worked out an alternate plan. I'm sure we'll celebrate a little later when Glen is ready.

Continued thanks to all of you who have been calling, "commenting" and keeping Glen in your thoughts. Also, thanks to those of you who will be dropping off dinner for us!

Hugs to all!


Anonymous said...

Glen -

Halfway there - outstanding!!! Hang in there brother and keep up the carbo loading! We think about you often and wish you the very best.

Ron & Adrienne Vyse

Angela D Thomas said...

Hi Glen,
Love the new music feature on your blog! And Happy belated Birthday to you, Blair. Love your picture in the photo gallery too! Joyce, you really have done a great job of keeping us informed when Glen hasn't been up to it. Thank you very much. We are so happy that the treatments are going so well and that you are half way there!
Our Love to you,
Angie and Mike