Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog Tricks and more...

Well, as I've mentioned...everyone has been so kind to offer their support of all kinds and I'm getting that help from all around! (All kinds of people have offered to fix our running toilet!) Chris York, Glen's partner just turned me on to a cool addition for Glen's blog. You can add "gadgets" to the blog so that our readers can have quick access to other cool things.

Note that you can now subscribe to Glen's blog so you don't have to remember his address. I've also added a link to the ThomasYork blog. Chris got that going a couple weeks ago. Very techy firm, don't you think?

I'm also adding the blog address of a friend of ours who is going through a very similar challenge. Her name is Diane Fidelibus. She and Glen have connected and text each other sharing their successes and challenges. She has a blog that her husband, Jim is running. Take a look at her story if you have a minute.

Glen is currently at his second to the last chemo treatment. He'll be home this afternoon and will take a nice long nap. He's struggling a bit in these last two weeks so any texts or visits you make will help to break up the day. He had a visitor the other day and he gave him a big smile. It's the first smile I've seen in a few days...other than when he's cracking his bad jokes with the doctor.

Stay in touch everyone. Glen needs you now. (And the kids and I do too!)


Anonymous said...

Hey there!

This is Glen's buddy Sandra from Kansas. I pray for you everyday... and I continue to feel great positive energy for you. Wish I had my ruby red slippers so that I could click the heals together and be right there with you to give you all a big hug. However, the damn witch stole them, so I guess I'll just have to "think you a hug"!

Joyce, I know that you are caring for Glen everyday, but make sure you take care of yourself also!

Be strong my friend.... from one survivor to another...
Love You All
Sandra Wiley

Chip Doyle said...


Everyone from the 'Flashpoint' group is glad to hear about your progress and sending our positive thoughts your way.

My mother told me when I was 2 and 1/2 and my brother was just born that the first thing I asked was when was he going to be able to play catch with me...

So when are we going golfing???Turns out we have a mutual friend in Ron Vyse who is a fine golfer who I've met through various golf competitions here in the bay area.

Hang in tough and stay strong. We're all there for you and I'm looking forward to smelling the freshly mown grass of a manicured golf course with you as soon as possible!


Larry said...


Sunday I went to the A's game with my son on Sunday. You should be very glad you missed this one! A's lost 13-1. The good news was they had Dave Henderson jerseys as the give-away. And since we used to sit out in center field with "Hendu's Bad Boys," it was nostalgic.

From what I hear, you have rounded the final turn and are headed into the stretch. There'll be a large crowd at the finish line. We're all cheering for you (plus we have a fistful of tickets we plan to cash soon!)

See you in the club house.