Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well...Sundays are a little better than Saturdays.  Glen is feeling a little better today.  We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of Galen to hang out with us.  He's going to take Glen for his appointment tomorrow and I will go to work in the morning to do some prep for the beginning of the school year.  Galen's even going to try to fix the toilet that's running!  With the drought and our water rationing we can't afford to lose that water!  (And to those of you reading in ARE stealing our water!  Pay up!)  Like I said...we appreciate support of all kinds!  Stay tuned...j


Hummieowen said...

Hi Glen and Family,

Barry and I are the owners of Tru-Form Metals and have known, admired and depended on Chris since he began at JHS. Now that we have met you we are anxious to work with you too. So thank you and all of your support team for coming to your rescue and helping you get well. We admire all of you and feel like we are learning a daily lesson in courage. Thank you for that.


Claudia Owen

Jim and Diane Fidelibus said...

Glen and Joyce,
With three kids and a wife, I am a master of fixing toilets! Please let me know if I can help, toilet wise or anything else around the house that is usually a guys' job ..gutters, sprinklers, broken or stuck windows, Please let me know! You don't know how much of an inspiration you two are. Keep it up and we'll enjoy that glass of wine and look back on all this.

Jim and Diane Fidelibus