Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so far...

so good...I thought you all might want to know that Glen is not feeling any undue nausea at this point. The 4 anti-nausea meds he's on seem to be working! As they told us...there are not any real new advances in chemo treatments for cancer...but there are new and better drugs to treat the side effects. The only side effect he's feeling now that we did not expect, is his case of the hiccups. This cisplatin seems to give him some indigestion that results in a raging case of hiccups. He took a Zantac to try to control the indigestion thereby controlling the hiccups. Seems to be helping some. BTW - you might think it could be funny to watch him hiccup for 2 hours (as he did with the cisplatin 3 weeks ago), but it is actually quite annoying for him so it's not a laughing matter for us.

Well, back to the Olympics and the A's game. (Yeah they won last night!)

"Talk" later,

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