Friday, August 15, 2008

Only 2 Fridays to to...

It's been great having our friend Steve Sagehorn here these last 2 days.  He just  has a way of making us laugh.  If you know Steve, you know what I mean!  For example, I was printing his boarding pass today and found a different time for his flight than he had told me.  He figured it out...but this is just how Steve's life goes.  I can't figure out how he's going to get to Dubai on Sunday when he can't even figure out how to get to Boise!  (Did we ever tell you about how once quite a few years ago he missed his flight to Whitefish when he was meeting us there?  He took a flight to Spokane and then had to rent a Uhaul to drive the 4 hours to Whitefish. We had driven from I don't know where to meet him there and enjoy his condo overlooking the lake. He didn't want to inconvenience us and keep us waiting all day, so he told us to break the door down to his condo because he "wanted a new one anyway"...and we did!  That's Steve!)  Anyway...I digress...Steve is a wonderful friend and we appreciate his effort to come down here leaving his 6 month old baby and wife Tracy for three days before he literally heads to Dubai (for work) for 2 weeks.  Thanks Tracy and Cole.  It's always entertaining to have Steve around and we love him!

And speaking of great people...thanks to the entire ThomasYork (TY) team for their ongoing support and incredible ability to step up to the plate while Glen takes time away from the office. Blair and her friend Claire Edelmann and I joined the TY team for a fun company party today. We played those horrible "teambuilding" games... and had a BLAST! Maybe they aren't so horrible after all! How about those "Mamma Mias" and "Black Pearl" teams???!!! Nothing like a little friendly competition to get to know people! (And oh yeah...the Mamma Mias rocked the hula hoop game!)

But seriously, thanks to Glen's partner Chris and the rest of the incredible folks at TY for making it possible for Glen to let go of his day to day work routines and focus on his health. It's really a blessing for him and I think that it's really helped him to get through this horrendous treatment program as well as he has. He wouldn't be doing as well as he is if he were trying to keep all the plates in the air still.

So before I get sappy...only 2 more full weeks of treatment to go (thus the title of this post) plus one day of chemo on Sept. 2nd...but who's counting? Keep those thoughts and calls and emails and texts and comments on the blog coming. I've talked to quite a few people recently who say they check the blog "religiously." We're glad that it's helping you stay in touch with what's going on with Glen. I hear many of you are still struggling with commenting. You don't have to have a gmail account. You just have to make a little account in order to comment. If you look way back in July, I explained how to do it.

Thanks again to you all for all of your support of all kinds. We are truly blessed.
Happy weekend everyone,

PS I just want to mention that as the "kids" of our friends and Niels' friends start heading off to college, we are thinking about all of you. What an exciting and bittersweet time for us parents. I know this is what we all "signed up for," but did it have to come so soon???!!

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