Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick Update

Hopefully one of us will get on and give more info and some photos soon, but in the meantime...

Glen has finished his first week (4 days) of treatment. He has not really suffered from nausea - YEAH! but has been very tired and not so perky the last day or so. On Fridays he has 2 doses of radiation and it seems to really wipe him out. Duh. Hopefully the rest he is getting this weekend will help him to rebound for the next week of treatment and give him the energy to do some of the things he likes to do - work! watch baseball! maintain his "personal" baseball team (with Niels)! hang with friends and family!

Kids and I go to NYC on Tuesday. Thanks to his mom (also a "Joyce") for coming down to take him to his treatments and provide meals and company. Thanks also to Galen, our "best man" for coming down today to take him to UCSF tomorrow. And while I'm thanking was great to see his brother Steve and sister (in-law) Pat in Eugene last week. They made quite the trek from Pendleton to join us for dinner!

Since Glen will be spending less time on email/phone, please continue to post comments to his blog. It's really very uplifting to read your comments.

Love to all,

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